WM7 on track, “Project Pink” ad agency chosen


1, 2009

phone Rarely have so much been speculated about one product for so long with so little being known in the end.  We have head many months now about “Project Pink”, a product of Microsoft’s secretive Premium Mobile Experience division, run by Roz Ho. The service is meant to be an extra layer over Windows Mobile 7 (or it actually Windows Mobile 7?  No one is really sure).

Mary-Jo Foley from the All about Microsoft blog has just stirred the pot a bit more by bringing news that Microsoft has settled on an ad agency, McCann Erickson, to spear-head the campaign.  Worryingly the agency is the one who has always been dealing with Windows Mobile, not the ones who have led Microsoft’s recent PR successes such as Laptop Hunters, credited with causing a drop in OSX market share.

According to MJF’s sources WM 7 is still on track for Release To Manufacturers in Fall 2009, which should make a Spring 2010 release quite likely.

Read more at the ZDNet blog here.

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