WM6.5.X Unnoticed Features

WM653-28014-VGA I’ve been playing with WM6.5.X since it first appeared, and am currently running one of the latest (WM6.5.3 builds) 28014 on my Diamond (my own custom ROM can be got from here, and I’ll be supporting the HD2 as well when I get mine back and HardSPL is out).

There are a few neat things that as far as I can tell no-one else has picked up on, so I thought I’d get knowledge of them out in to the real world.

Icon soft keys have text

One of the major changes in the later builds (23037+) has been the replacement of the even sized start menu bar and soft key bar with a much larger, capacitive friendly (a few people are saying that’s the main reason for this update to WM6.5) soft key bar and moving the Start and Close icons to the bottom of the screen. This change has also lead to the replacement of many of the textual buttons in Windows Mobile with icons. This has the downside that not all are that intuitive…

Pressing and holding on an icon gives you a popup with text of what the button does, so you now won’t get lost in WM!

 Menupopup hidden Menu popup

Icons in messaging are the same as press and hold

I’ve often wanted to delete or move one email in a long list of them, and this normally requires either a long press on the item or going through the menus to get to what ever option you want.

There’s now a new feature that lets you tap on the icon in the left of the list of emails, which has the same effect as a press and hold, bringing up a context menu.

Context Menu

Tapping on the icon is a much faster thing for me at least, and is a great improvement on the long menus.

This works in all parts of the Pocket Outlook program.

Disabling of GPRS when connected to PC

Something I only recently noticed is that when you connect a device with a recent ROM to a computer running ActiveSync or WMDC and it allows connecting to the internet, the cellular data connection on the device gets stopped, and the ActiveSync one is used instead. That leads to faster charging and lower data costs for those not on unlimited data plans!

(I checked this on my HD2 running WM6.5 build 21869 and it didn’t do it there, so I assume it’s a new WM6.5.X feature).

Swipe gestures
WM6.5 brings the new gestures API for swipe, tap and hold, and it’s nice to see Microsoft using it in there own applications.

Both Pocket Outlook and Pictures & Videos support gestures to move between accounts and images respectively. This is certainly a move in the right direction, though it would be great to have gestures in more applications!

YouTube videos will be up shortly, for more clarity…

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