WM6.5.1 Build 23081

The only feature new in 23075+ (or 23081 as those who only stick to Da_Gs releases will have) is the Magnifier.

The Magnifier is available by hitting the title bar, and then hitting the magnifying glass icon. It works on all screens with a title bar.


Simply put, it zooms in to double the zoom you had before. This makes all those fiddly menus some people have been complaining about very easy to deal with. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any really  fiddly ones to demonstrate…

Magnifier6 Magnifier4  Magnifier7

Gestures aren’t supported by the zoomed in window (as panning moves around the zoomed in screen), but generally you can do the gesture then zoom in to use the settings.

To get back from the zoomed in screen, you hit the zoom out button in the top right.

I’m now wondering if the Leos multitouch screen could be utilised for global zooming, which would be much more useful than some of what it currently does…

The screenshots are from my Diamond 23081 ROM available here shortly (a Diamond2 variant is also on its way up here).

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