With Windows 10, DirectX 12 Is Now Available For Game Developers


With Windows 10, Microsoft is delivering DirectX 12 gaming platform to developers. The first DirectX 12 content will arrive in the coming weeks.

DirectX 12 is a paradigm shift for game developers, providing them with a new way to structure graphics workloads.  These new techniques can lead to a tremendous increase in expressiveness and optimization opportunities.   Typically, when game developers decide to support DirectX 12 in their engine, they will do so in phases.  Rather than completely overhauling their engine to take full advantage of every aspect of the API, they will start with their DirectX 11 based engine and then port it over to DirectX 12.  We expect such engine developers to achieve up to a 50% CPU reduction while improving GPU performance by up to 20%.   The reason we mention “up to” is because every game is different – the more of the various DirectX 12 features (see below) a game uses, the more optimization they can expect.

Microsoft listed the following advantages when using DirectX 12,

1)      Be able to write to one graphics API for PCs and Xbox One

2)      Reduce CPU overhead by up to 50% while scaling across all CPU cores

3)      Improve GPU performance by up to 20%

4)      Realize more benefits over time as game developers learn how to use the new API more efficiently

Read more about it here.

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