With teens, iPhones are out, surface is in


12, 2013

‘Super cool’ apple may be losing its grip on the teen demographic, according to bus marketing group, who polled teams as to their object of desire. Apparently apple’s latest i-products are too ubiquitous to be popular amongst the always counter culture teenage group.  Instead they are embracing current niche products such as Microsoft’s surface tablet.

‘Teens are telling us Apple is done,’ Tina Wells of the youth marketing agency Buzz Marketing Group told the website. ‘Apple has done a great job of embracing Gen X and older [Millennials], but I don’t think they are connecting with Millennial kids. [They’re] all about Surface tablets/laptops and Galaxy.’

As the iPhone and iPad increasingly becomes your fathers gadget, Microsoft may benefit from embracing their current role as the underdog.

Read more at: Forbes.com and Dailymail.co.uk

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