With Soundmap you can make new friends just by sharing your love for music


2, 2014

With Soundmap you can meet new people just by sharing your love for music.

Ever wondered what kind of music does the other side of the world listen to?

Ever wanted to talk to the cute girl with the headphones next to you in the bus, without knowing how to approach her?

Ever dreamed of meeting new people just by sharing your love for music?

Soundmap has the solution for you!
With just some small steps you can now join our community and start making friends just by listening to your favorite music!

Specific features :

  • Auto-syncing of the current song you’re listening to.
  • Browse the whole map on every currently online user
  • Online list for quick-jumping to a user
  • Connect with facebook to sync your profile picture
  • Link to a user’s facebook profile (provided it’s not private)

Soundmap’s features are completely free and will always be. There’s and ad-free version at 0.99$. Get soundmap now!

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