WishAppList is a site by Windows fans to request missing apps


Microsoft’s Windows 10 store may have taken off on the PC, but still many new apps are yet to arrive on Windows platform. Google for one, provides a portal for YouTube and Gmail on Windows 10 PCs but not for mobile devices, and while Facebook may have promised a Facebook app about 3 months ago, the app is yet to materialise. Understandably, Windows fans are slightly frustrated and some have even taken to tweeting at #brands on twitter and making change.org petitions.

WishAppList is yet another project by fans to contact #brands by using the power of numbers. It requests users to post apps that are missing and then vote on them, after a specific number, the WishAppList will attempt to contact them. Though I perceive that #brands will have a slightly more different and less emotional view of the situation than fans will, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try (I mean, your dignity will take a beating but no one has to know)

Vote for your favourite apps on WishAppList on the source link below, and then promptly go back to enjoying your life.