Wisepilot turn by turn GPS Navigation app comes to Windows Phone

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Appello has announced the release of Wisepilot, an award winning mobile navigation service with more than 20 million users on Windows Phone 7.

The turn by turn navigation app with voice guidance uses Navteq and Bing map data and does not store maps on the device itself.

Wisepilot Lifetime GPS Navigator features:

  • Voice Guidance – live instructions for how to proceed to your destination.
  • 3D & 2D Worldwide Maps – always automatically updated and synchronized with your phone.
  • Lane Assistance – get in the right lane as you approach an intersection.
  • Junction Views – prepare your motorway exit in advance with a guiding display.
  • Speed Limits/Alerts – displays speed limits while driving and alerts if you exceed the limit.
  • Pin address – pin your favorite address to the start screen to save time on recurring trips.
  • Route of your choice – the shortest route isn’t always the best, choose between multiple options e.g. avoid motorways, fastest and easiest.
  • One Line Search – assists you to find nearby places, persons*, businesses** and addresses.
  • Nearby – find places within different categories e.g. Parking and Eating & Drinking.
  • Recent trips – shortcuts to your latest visited addresses.
  • Weather – five day forecasts for any destination in the world.

image“We believe that the Windows Phone platform has a great future ahead and we are very enthusiastic over our Wisepilot release. The platform expansion for Wisepilot is Appello’s natural way of supporting expectations and demands from our users and partners but also an intentional way of expanding our product portfolio as Wisepilot already is offered with great success on the Apple App Store, Blackberry App World, and Google Play” says Peter Tyreholt Head of Product Portfolio at Appello.

Even with a 30% discount at present, the app is still a pricy $32.99 without a free trial, and can be found in Marketplace here.

Via MimovilWindows.com