Wireless charging comes to Case-mate cases

media.nl It seems eCouple has finally found a a business plan that cant fail to succeed. They have teamed up with Case-mate to embed their technology in smartphone cases, finally solving the problem of having to remove the phone from the case to charge. This is of course particularly an issue for fully sealed cases, where either solutions were very cumbersome, or removal of the case was mandatory.

“Our partnership with case-mate is an important step in the introduction of eCoupled wireless power to the consumer electronics marketplace,” said Dave Baarman, Director of Advanced Technologies for Fulton Innovation. “By teaming with case-mate to create protective skin solutions embedded with eCoupled technology, we’re enabling consumers with existing market-influencing devices, suited for case-mate products, the ability to charge them wirelessly.”

Shashi Reddy, case-mate’s CEO and Founder, is pleased to have his company be the first to explore and adapt this kind of wireless technology as it applies to cases. He states, “I’m excited for these new products to become a core and integral part of our mainstream product line. With our introduction of wireless technology, we are aiming to further enhance the lifestyle of our customers.”

The charging solution will be build into the cases, and utilize a charging matt. A a number of devices could easily be charged from one matt, and efficiency is 98%, meaning concerns around wastage should be pretty minimal.

In the great debate over whether to use a case or go “naked”, I think the case side just scored a major point. 

Read eCouple’s press release here.