Wired reviews the HTC HD2, finally confirms weight


6, 2009

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Wired UK has attended the HTC HD2 announcement earlier today, and have posted their impressions.

They note:

The first thing you notice is the enormous 4.3-inch screen, which sits in a slender handset barely bigger than the model it replaces. It makes the iPhone’s 3.5-inch screen look rather measly in comparison, and while it doesn’t match Apple’s uncompromising design aesthetic, it is a handsome phone. The old HD was good-looking in a workmanlike kind of way, but its younger brother has a sharp suit and a good haircut.
It’s also nimbler, faster and more responsive. Instead of the old model’s pressure-sensitive resistive touchscreen, which required a firm tap of the fingernail (or a prod of the stylus), the new phone comes with a sensitive capacitive screen, which responds to a gentle sweep of the finger – and to the multi-touch zoom gestures that Apple made famous. It’s joyfully smooth and fast too, thanks to its 1GHz Snapdragon processor.

That corrects one of the first HD’s defects – slightly erratic touch sensitivity and occasional sluggishness in getting from screen to screen. Most of the other complaints focused on the shortcomings of Windows Mobile, which was still a bit annoying despite HTC’s efforts to bury obscure menus under a more finger-friendly interface.

With the specs, they note (finally) that the device weighs 157g , which is about 10 grams more than the HTC Touch HD.

Read their full impressions here.

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