Wired on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 strategy: “Suck it, iTunes and Android.”

Microsoft has  a comprehensive cloud strategy for Windows phone 7 Windows Phone 7 is garnering some quite positive press, and recent announcements has convinced Wired that Microsoft does have a plan to be competitive with the iPhone and Android.

What has won them over was the wireless and cloud features of the OS, ranging from WIFI synching with Zune on the desktop, cloud synching to Windows Phone Live, Microsoft’s social networking integration and its free Find My Phone service. Brian X. Chen from Wired notes the same feature costs $100 on the iPhone, and does not exist integrated on Android.

Apple’s lack of a cloud strategy is felt to be the company’s biggest weakness.

Wired quotes Matt Buchanan, a writer of Gizmodo.

“You can sum up the most frustrating thing about being an Apple customer in three little words: ‘Connect to iTunes,”

“Microsoft’s activities in the cloud are really key in terms of its competition versus Apple and of course Google,” said Ross Rubin, a consumer technology analyst at NPD Group. “While there’s certainly a lot of overlap with Google in terms of the places where they’re competing head-on — photo sharing, e-mail services, etc. — Microsoft has really integrated part of what Apple has sought to make a premium offering with MobileMe.”

Summarizing Microsoft’s message to iPhone, Brian calls it:“Suck it, iTunes and Android.”

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