WinPhone Info Redesign – Now With Connectivity Settings Live Tiles

**Now with a favorites list, category Hub Tiles, and connectivity settings Live Tiles**

WinPhone InfoWinPhone Info displays real-time info about your Windows Phone device in an easy-to-navigate, Metro-styled interface. View detailed info in the category pages, including device, memory, media, miscellaneous, network, region, sensors, and location. Tap the favorite icon next to any item to add it to the favorites list on the main page for quick viewing.

WinPhone Info also provides connectivity settings Live Tiles for airplane mode, bluetooth, cellular, and wi-fi that you can pin to your Start screen for convenient access to your phone’s settings. (A future update will include a background task to update the back side of the cellular and wi-fi Live Tiles every 30 minutes.)

Other features include sharing your location and current address via email or SMS and an email report of all data.


  • Double-sided Live Tile support when pinned to the Start screen.
  • Connectivity settings Live Tiles for quick access to your phone’s airplane mode, bluetooth, cellular, and wi-fi settings.
  • Double-sided category hub tiles.
  • Easily choose the items you want to add to the favorites list on the main page.
  • Email a report of all current data.
  • Device info – manufacturer, model, unique id, hardware and software versions, and anonymous user id.
  • Memory info – total, current usage, peak usage, and available storage.
  • Media info – artist, album, genre, playlist, song, and picture counts.
  • Misc(ellaneous) info – primary and front-facing cameras present, keyboard present and deployed, and power source.
  • Network info – cellular, data and data roaming enabled, network available, wi-fi enabled, current interface type, and connected interface list.
  • Region info – format, time zone, short and long date formats, short and long time formats, and first day of week.
  • Sensor info – supported APIs and accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, and motion readings.
  • Location info – latitude, longitude, heading, speed, as well as a Bing map to view the data updates in real-time and to send a map link and address of your current location via email or SMS.

WinPhone Info QR Code**Additional information, such as battery charging status, will be included as it is made available to developers.**

For more screenshots and links to download the paid or free, ad-supported version, please click here or scan the QR code.