Winners of the latest round of ‘30 to Launch’ challenge announced

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Fotojelly Wipeout Molecular Models Card Wallet

Microsoft has announced the winners of their latest round of  ‘30 to launch’ developer contest, ending August 15th, which challenged developers to go from picking a concept to publishing a Windows Phone 7 app in less than 30 days.

The 4 grand prize winning apps are Fotojelly, Molecular Models, Card Wallet and Wipeout.

FotoJelly is the real-time photo sharing platform for events which makes it easy to integrate crowd-sourced media into social engagements and marketing strategies.

Wipeout is an addictive number puzzle game that has been called a mix of the best elements of Tetris and Sudoku. The game is easy to learn and hard to master, and promise to give you hours of enjoyment and frustration.

Molecular Models let you view molecules and proteins in MOL or PDB format in stunning 3D and smoothness on Windows Phone. This app lets you upload your own MOL and PDB files through SkyDrive or download PDB files through the RCSB’s PDB database. 

Card Wallet allow you to organize and store your cards and notes from your wallet to your mobile application.

The winners will receive a Kick Back and Code package that includes a Laz Boy Recliner and a Lenovo IdeaPad 300 Ultrabook .

Read more about the apps at here.

Thanks Bill for the tip.