Winners Announced For Free Zagg Coupon

It is that time of the day for us to announce the winners of the contest we ran for 48 hour. The winners are to receive one coupon code for a free Zagg Skin or just the plain old full body protector. The skin includes a custom design for the back of your device, and the front invisible shield.

If you did not read our review of this product please check it out, and again thank you to everyone that retweeted the post. We received about 90 retweets, and sadly we do not have 90 codes, but we have other things for people that are still interesting in getting some protection from Zagg.

Drum roll please…… The winners are;



Winners… Please follow me on twitter @WMPerson and I will direct message you the code.

Everyone else: Please do not be upset about the outcome. We will have other Zagg product giveaways, and maybe other mobile tech giveaway (skin, cover, Bluetooth, and more), so keep checking here at WMPoweruser, and I will always tweet about upcoming giveaways on my privet twitter account.

If you would like to purchase anything from Zagg, they were kind enough to give us a coupon code that has unlimited use and will provide you with 20% as long as you follow our link below:
Code: WMPower 
Link: Zagg Site with Skin, leather skin, Earbuds, Full protector.

P.S If you can “Retweet” this to let everyone know the contest is over… That would be very much appreciated. Thanks for playing.