WinMote7 Allows You To Control Media On PC With WP7


5, 2011

Author Pradeep // in Apps


WinMote7 is a remote control application developed by Adeneo Embedded in collaboration with GoProd that allows you controlling various media on your Windows 7 PC via your Windows Phone 7 device. This application requires you to install our WinMote Server on your computer. more info for downloading the WinMote Server is provided inside the about box of the application. With this application, you can control your browser to access web sites, launch and control videos stored on your PC, view and browse your pictures, control your music on your PC, launch Freebox TV or radio channel on your PC, Control and view PowerPoint presentations. A trial version allowing evaluation of the user interface is available for free. Some updates with new features are planned.

Note for installation : Before using the application, the PC with the server and the Windows Phone must be connected on the same WIFI network. You need to change the IP Address of the server with your IP address. To help you to find your IP address, the application server displays the IP address of your PC (COMPUTER IP ADDRESS).

It costs $2.99. Download the trial here.

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