WinMoSquare – FourSquare client for Windows Mobile demoed

CareAce has published a brief review of the new FourSquare app for Windows Mobile, WinMoSquare.  They note the app is stable and smooth, and the user experience enjoyable. 

The latest beta adds:

  • Added code to determine rough location based off device IP address
  • Times were not always being adjusted for local time zones
  • Times are now displayed in consistent manner through out application
  • Application title appeared as ‘Main’ instead of ‘WinMoSquare’ in some situations
  • Latitude and longitude formatting correction for non US locales
  • Better error and exception handling
  • Added ‘About’ screen off the ‘Settings’ screen
  • Check In screen clears and resets on load now
  • Add Venue screen clears and resets on load now
  • Added Venue Details screen
  • Zero Email Bounce: we’ve at least read all emails now :D
  • Various small and minor fixes throughout

    The beta can be downloaded here.

    Read more at Careace here.