WinMo security software

locked-phoneI’ve been trying to find a good security app for my phone that allows me to track my phone in case it gets stolen.

Here is a list of the various apps I’ve tried.

Where is my phone (WIMP) is the most simple to use of the bunch. After installation, you set a recipient phone number and password. The recipient phone number is used to send an automatic SMS if the SIM card is changed, or you can send a specially formatted text message to the phone with your password. You then receive an SMS which contains the new SIM card’s details and the phone’s GPS location if the phone has a GPS receiver. I’ve found this program to be useful but only about 90% reliable, and it isn’t free.

An XDA developed app is Smartprotect which is similar to WIMP and it works very well. It also sends an automatic SMS to a designated number when the SIM card is changed with information on the whereabouts of the phone. You can then send SMS commands to the number to determine the location of the phone as well as other functions such as remote wiping of contacts and deletion of protected folders. This is a free app.

Another security app is Flexilis which is a free beta at the moment. It’s a syncing program which backups your data to their servers and allows remote tracking of your phone. The extra features include the ability to support more than 1 phone, and an in-built firewall and anti-virus app. You can track, backup and scan your phone remotely via a web browser.

I’m sure you will find a combination of any of these would cover all your phone security requirements!