Wing drone airborne while delivering a package
Wing’s drone delivery service will cover the City of Frisco and the Town of Little Elm, which are located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Technology keeps on changing the things we used to know, and it includes the way we receive our goods. If you live in Texas, you are one of those folks who will literally experience it with the announcement of Wing, a subsidiary of Alphabet, that it will now launch its first commercial drone delivery service in the place on Thursday, April 7.

Specifically, it will cover the City of Frisco and the Town of Little Elm, which are located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Despite admitting that the service will be “starting small,” CEO Adam Woodworth said that it will benefit tens of thousands of suburban homes in the said areas.

“This is an important milestone for Wing and drone delivery in the U.S,” Woodworth writes in a post. “It simply would not have been possible without the support of the public officials and the citizens of Frisco and Little Elm, and our merchant partners.”

On the other hand, the service will only be limited to a number of stores, including easyvet, Blue Bell Creameries, Texas Health, and Walgreens. According to Woodworth, the first day of the service launch would also not ensure that everyone would also get it.

“I do want to set clear expectations: not everyone who lives within range of our drones will be able to order on Day 1,” he explains. “We’re going to invite customers in groups to make sure everyone has a good first experience with drone delivery.”

The company has already prepared the drones needed for the service, “so they’re ready to fly health and wellness products directly to customer homes,” says Woodworth. It will operate using the small shipping containers placed next to the participating stores. After getting orders from customers, the employees of the stores will then load them into the cardboard containers while the Wing operators will fly them to the addresses where they should go. After reaching the place, the drone will lower the package onto the ground without the need to land.

The announcement follows the company’s gradual success, which recently mentioned that it had made its 200,000th delivery. Frisco and Little Elm also join the small number of places being served by Wing, including Helsinki in Finland, Christiansburg in Virginia, and Canberra and Logan in Australia.