WindowsPhoneBeta aim to match up developers and enthusiastic beta testers


A new site, Windows Phone Beta, has just launched.  It solves a problem an increasing number of developers now have. The new changes in Marketplace allow developers to have a limited number of beta testers (around 100) test an application for up to 3 months with a completely normal handset which does not have to be developer unlocked.

Unfortunately the users need to be named and submit their live ID to the developer, requiring a match making service for developers who do not have access to 100 friends with many different Windows Phones.

Windows Phone Beta aims to provide this service, allowing developers to find testers and users to try cutting edge apps for free well before they hit the market (if they are willing to put up with bugs of course).

The site does not have anything in the catalogue yet, but I am sure will benefit from both developers and users stopping along to take a look.

Read more at WindowsPhone here.