Windows With Bing Build Leaked, The Free OS From Microsoft For Low-cost Devices

Bing for Windows build

Microsoft recently confirmed the availability of new Windows 8.1 with Bing SKU for OEMs. At BUILD conference, Microsoft announced that Windows will be available for 0 dollars to their hardware partners for Windows Phones and tablets smaller than 9-inches in screen size. This free Windows for OEMs will be the Windows 8.1 with Bing SKU. Also with the Windows 8.1 Update, Microsoft is enabling the hardware partners to build lower cost devices with only 1GB of memory and 16GB of storage that provide customers with the fast and fluid experience they expect from a Windows device. We can expect devices from OEMs running this new Windows SKU at COMPUTEX event next month.

Today, this Windows with Bing build got leaked on the web and you can see it from the screenshot above.

Source: CentrumWindows  via: Neowin