[Updated] Windows Updates break again, but this time ISPs are at fault

Update: On a Reddit post, Microsoft Support engineer who goes by the username “einarmsft” has confirmed that Microsoft is aware of the issue and is investigating.

Original Story: Updating Windows 10 hasn’t always been a smooth ride for the users especially in the last couple of months and while Microsoft is usually the one at fault, this time around it’s different.

According to several user forums, Windows users in the US and UK are facing Windows Update issues. The issues are not due to a fault at Microsoft. Windows users on several forums have identified Comcast’s DNS settings as the culprit for the failed updates. Over the other side of the pond, users in the UK have reported a similar DNS issue with BT Broadband. While both the companies are yet to release official statements, users are reverting to Google’s public DNS to fix the issue.

To fix the issue, users will need to change the Windows 10 IPV4 and IPV6 DNS lookups from Comcast/BT Broadband default DNS to Google Public DNS. If that sounds too complicated then you could go to Settings> Network & Internet > Ethernet > Change adapter settings. This will display a field where the user can manually type in Google’s public DNS server IP addresses. Once you change the setting to Google’s public DNS, head back to Windows Update and check for updates. Windows 10 users have also reported that changing to Google’s DNS fixes Microsoft Store download errors as well.

Via: ZDNet