Windows Thin PC Hits RTM Milestone

Microsoft Windows Thin PC (WinTPC) enables customers to repurpose existing PCs as thin clients by providing a smaller footprint locked down version of Windows 7. Microsoft announced Thin PC beta long back for community to  provide feedback. Now Windows Thin PC has reached the RTM milestone with few changes. Here are they,

We used additional feedback gathered from customers in our Community Technology Preview (CTP) to add a few features in the RTM.

  • Keyboard Filter: WinTPC will have the capability to allow customers to lock certain key combinations, such as Ctrl +Alt + Delete, from being utilized and taking effect on a Windows Thin PC device, thereby providing customers with greater level of security and control over user interaction with their WinTPCs.
  • International IMEs (Input Method Editor) support: WinTPC will now include the option to support international keyboards.
  • Key Management Server (KMS)/Multiple Activation Key (MAK): WinTPC will now be able to activate against a customer’s existing KMS server or use MAK keys, which enables quick and easy activation mechanisms that customers already use for their Windows desktops today.

You can find more information on Windows Thin PC here and about their RTM milestone here.