Windows Tablets Now Accounts For 15.7% Of Japan’s Total Tablet Sales

When is comes to tablet market, Apple still remains the top vendor both in terms of unit volume and eco-system growth. Microsoft jumped into this market with Windows 8, and followed by Windows 8.1 last year. Microsoft Windows is competing with Apple iPad in the high-end and white box Android tablets in the low end. Digitimes today reported a good news for Microsoft regarding its sales in Japan. The sales of Windows-based tablets in Japan have been rising since October 2013 as a result in February 2014, 15.7% of Japan’s tablet sales were contributed by Windows-based models. For a comparison, Windows just had a share of 2% in the worldwide tablet market.

With Windows tablets gaining market share, Japan’s tablet market is expected to see a more balanced development, but competition between iOS, Android and Windows will remain keen in 2014, Digitimes Research believes. In 2013, Apple still dominated Japan’s tablet market, followed by Asustek Computer (Android). Microsoft, Amazon and Sony were the third to fifth largest vendors. While Amazon and Sony have been in Japan’s tablet market for a while, Microsoft’s surge to the third position shows that demand for its Surface tablets have been rising strong in Japan.

Microsoft’s second-generation Surface tablets are enjoying strong sales in Japan, but four out of its nine versions (two for the consumer market and two for the enterprise market) have been suffering from shortages in the country due to the software giant’s misjudgment on related demand.

I hope Microsoft increases the availability and stocks of its new tablets worldwide to avoid shortages and win business opportunities in the future.

Source: Digitimes