Windows tablet sales doubled in 2015 in Australia to 15.6%


As PC sales fade Microsoft and other PC vendors have been putting their hopes on the tablet and 2:1 market, which has itself been tanking.

Australian analyst company Telesyte have posted some stats from the antipodean market which suggests that strategy may be paying off.

According to their numbers Windows tablet sales more than doubled between 2014 and 2015, and ended up at a respectable 15.6% of the tablet market.

This is in contrast to Android sales, which shrunk 35% and iOS tablet sales 15%. Overall the tablet market was down 18% YoY, but by revenue increased 2% due to sales moving upmarket to more expensive devices such as Microsoft’s Surface tablets and Apple’s iPad Pro.


Sub-premium tablets, or those priced below $450, made up 48% of sales in 2014 but only 35% in 2015. Telsyte says ‘this share is expected to fall to 26% in 2016 as consumers embrace higher-end models.’

Telsyte notes ‘Microsoft is now realising the tablet opportunity, producing its own Surface branded devices, but also shipping on Windows devices from Samsung (the dominant Android smartphone and tablet vendor) and traditional partners such as Dell and Lenovo.’

Telsyte Senior Analyst Alvin Lee noted ‘Android’s volume strategy is uncertain, and the lack of a “hero” device from Google or other vendors is holding back Android’s tablet potential.’

Telesyte expected the tablet market to resume growth as hybrid devices catch on more, noting “that despite a second year of decline in total market sales, the research firm ‘believes the market is set to grow again in 2016 as consumer appetite shifts to higher end 2-in-1 (computer and tablet) devices.

As Windows 10 and the Windows Store matures,  and x86 solutions become cheaper Windows tablets should become more competitive and attractive, but in the age of phablets it remains to be seen if there is still a real role for tablets, no matter what OS they run.

Do our readers think the momentum will continue? Let us know below.

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