Windows Store’s revamped interface heads to all Windows 10 users

Microsoft recently started testing a new Fluent Design look for the Windows Store a few months ago. The company started off by completely removing some of the background colors, introducing a card-based user interface, and a lot of other tiny tweaks to prepare for the real Fluent Design update. A few weeks later, we got a new update which introduced Fluent Design’s Acrylic material that added a lot of blur to the Windows Store app. That really hit the performance of the app, with a decent amount of Windows Insiders complaining about performance related to basic window management tasks like resizing and moving it around. Microsoft, in response, simply removed the Acrylic material from the Windows Store and continued to make other tiny user interface changes.

Today, that update is rolling out to all Windows 10 users. Microsoft is nearing the release of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, so we will start to see some of the stock apps getting some major updates in the coming weeks. Windows Store is, of course, one of the first stock apps to get the update before the Fall Creators Update even starts rolling out to the public but the update for Windows Store is arguably pretty small.

Windows Store with Fluent Design (Official Microsoft concept)

Microsoft promised a huge upgrade for the Windows Store in some of the Fluent Design concepts it showed off back at Build 2017. Whether we will actually get that update is unknown for the time being, but the Windows Store’s currently inconsistent user-interface could really do with a major facelift sometime soon. Today’s update is probably just the first step towards that, so we’ll have to wait and see what Microsoft has in store for the future.

Thanks for the tip, Jan R.!