Windows Store gets UI improvements ahead of Fall Creators Update release

Microsoft is testing a new Windows Store update with some design tweaks with Windows Insiders. The company is making some interesting changes to the header section of the Windows Store.

The new Windows Store update introduces a new ellipsis menu which now houses all the general app pages — including things like the Downloads & Updates section, the app settings, and more. With today’s update, Windows Store now has a dedicated section for your account-related settings on the header which means Microsoft is essentially splitting up the settings into two different sections. Interestingly, Microsoft seems to have forgotten to move the “View Account” option from the ellipsis menu to the account menu. The changes don’t really change the core functionality of the app, so they are likely being tested to improve the user-experience.

Microsoft has also tweaked the shade of black that’s being used in the dark theme. Rather than being completely black, the new dark theme has a gray accent. The new shade definitely looks a lot nicer than the completely black one, but it also makes the UI a bit inconsistent as many other first-party Windows 10 apps from Microsoft use a complete black shade for the dark theme.

With the release of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update being just around the corner, the latest set of changes are going to be crucial as they are most likely to make it through to the final release without giving Windows Insiders much of a chance to provide feedback.

Thanks, Gustave for the screenshots!

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