Windows Store for Windows 10 gets updated with tiny improvements


Microsoft today released a new update for the Store app on Windows 10. The latest update is a minor one, but it brings a much-needed feature. With the latest update, Microsoft has added a Play button to the item listing (albums, music tracks) on the Music tab. If you’ve Groove Music Pass, the Play button will let you easily play the song from the Windows Music Store on Groove Music. If you don’t have Groove Music Pass, you won’t see the Play button, however.

The latest update also fixes a bug for the Store app’s taskbar icon. Previously, the Store app’s taskbar icon showed off the old logo with a solid colored background for some users. The latest update seems to fix this issue and it now shows the new monochromatic icon for the app.

To get the latest update, just head over to the Downloads section of the Store app. Keep in mind that if you have automatic app updates enabled, you may not see the update as it may have been installed already.

Via: WC