Windows Store Developers: Give Your Feedback On The APIs You Need At “Missing Platform APIs” Uservoice Site

Windows Store Update

Microsoft Windows Store platform team has now started new user voice site named ‘Missing Platform APIs’. As the name suggests, Windows Store developers can post their ideas on APIs or vote of ideas by other developers. For example, Windows Phone platform does not provide any API to make a great voice call recorder app and similar. You can post any APIs that are missing on both Windows and Windows Phone platforms.

As we continue to evolve and grow Windows, we want your feedback on the APIs you need to be successful.

The most useful feedback will be in the form of requests for specific APIs or specific 3rd-party libraries, along with a general description of the scenario they help solve. These could be existing Windows APIs not currently permitted in Store Apps (Win32, COM, or .NET) or they could be APIs from other operating systems with no equivalents on Windows. In addition to the API itself, it’s also helpful to note whether you need to break out of the app sandbox in order to use the API effectively (for example, the CreateFile2 Win32 API is already available to Store apps, but cannot be used to access locations like the SD card). General feedback about broad sets of functionality not explicitly tied to APIs is better suited to the general UserVoice site.

Give your feedback here.

via: Paul