Windows Store app updated in Windows Store, adds music collections feature


Microsoft’s Windows Store app picked up a small update last night in the Windows Store, taking it up to Version 2015.25.15.0.  2015.25.22.0

The store now has a new music collections feature which features curated sets of albums by “Groove Editors”. It doesn’t seem to be tailored to individual tastes like Groove’s “Recommended for you” feature, but it is a stab at improving music discovery that’s better than what was there before. Currently, its featuring best of 2015, some 2016 and David Bowie music, but we expect the Editors to mix it up as the year progresses.

Aside from that, we can’t spot any other new features in the updated store app.

Download the Windows Store app from the Windows Store by pressing check for updates in said store.

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