Windows Store and Get Office apps for Windows 10 gets updated


Microsoft released a new update for the Windows Store and Get Office apps recently. With the latest update, the Store app seems a bit faster and there are some tiny changes. The latest update for Store renames the Downloads section to Downloads and updates. Alongside that tiny improvement, it seems that Microsoft has also improved the taskbar icon:


It’s worth noting that this could possibly a bug, and not a feature. So don’t be surprised if the upcoming updates brings back the previous icon. Alongside Store, Microsoft also released a new update for the Get Office app for Windows 10. As you may expect, there doesn’t seem to be anything new for the Get Office app and it probably includes a few bug fixes.

Price: Free

To get the latest updates, just head over to the Downloads section of the Store and check for updates to install the latest updates. Keep in mind that if you’ve automatic updates enabled, you may already have the latest updates installed.

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