Around a month ago we wrote that Microsoft was proposing to integrate the Windows spellchecker with Google Chrome on Windows.  Chromium currently uses Hunspell, a spell checker also used in LibreOffice and OpenOffice.

Today we can report that the commit request has been successful, and the feature is in the process of being integrated.  The commit notes:

Add feature flag for Windows native spellchecker

The Windows native spellchecker is in the process of being integrated to
Chromium. To facilitate manual testing, this CL adds a chrome://flags entry
to easily enable / disable the use of the native spellchecker on Windows.

The feature can be enabled in the latest Canary Build by searching for win-use-native-spellchecker.

The change to enable the feature was not trivial, with the original commit reading:

“We need to implement platform agnostic interfaces to integrate windows spellchecker into Chromium. We also need to refactor some code to enable runtime switch between Windows spellchecker and hunspell spellchecker,” Microsoft noted in the commit.

“After these steps, we enabled Windows Spellcheck Services integration and also achieved runtime switch between platform spellchecker and hunspell spellchecker for windows platform.”

The commit is just another example of how Microsoft’s contribution to Chromium is having a real effect on the browser engine.

What do our readers think of this change? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks, Leo Varela for the tip.