Windows release health section will make IT administrators’ work easier



Microsoft today announced the rollout of Windows release health to the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Admins can access this new section by selecting ‘Windows release health’ in the Health section in the admin center. The All versions tab will show all supported versions of the Windows OS and admins can have access to useful information on known issues, features, and monthly updates for supported versions of Windows 10 and Windows 10 Server.

The open and resolved known issues will show details, such as symptoms, scenarios, workarounds, originating updates, status, and, ultimately, resolutions. In addition, admins can get detailed information to match identified symptoms and mitigation options with technical depth. They can also set up filters to select the versions relevant to you and receive info on potential issues in advance.

The Windows release health page is designed to inform you about known issues so you can troubleshoot issues your users may be experiencing and/or to determine when, and at what scale, to deploy an update in your organization.

Source: Microsoft

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