Windows Phone’s WiFi Sense Feature Spotted In Leaked Windows 9 Build

WiFi Sense Windows 9

In addition to the Windows Phone’s Storage Sense feature, WiFi Sense feature might also be included in the upcoming Windows 9 OS. In the leaked Windows build 9834, registry entries related to WiFi Sense were spotted. WiFi Sense automatically connects you to WiFi networks around you to help you save your mobile data and give you more Internet connectivity options. It can do a lot things for you to get you connected to the Internet using WiFi, so you don’t have to. And you’re always in control with it – you choose whether to get on WiFi, stay on or jump off.

WiFi Sense connects you to WiFi networks around you to help you save mobile data. It can do these things for you to get you Internet access:

  • Automatically connect you to open WiFi networks it knows about by crowdsourcing networks that other Windows Phone users have connected to. These are usually open WiFi hotspots that you see when you’re out and about.
  • Automatically accept the terms of use on your behalf for networks that require it
  • Provide additional information on your behalf to networks that require it
  • Let you exchange WiFi network access with your Facebook friends, contacts or Skype contacts to give and get Internet access without seeing each other’s WiFi network passwords

Wi-Fi Sense uses your location to identify open networks near you that it knows about by crowdsourcing. By using Wi-Fi Sense, you understand and agree that it will use your location.

As we are seeing lots of Windows tablets with small display form factors, WiFi Sense feature might come handy for those users who carry their Windows tablets every day to different places.