IDC: Windows Phones held 9% smartphone market share in Sri Lanka in Q4 2014

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10% market share is often said to be the magic point at which vendors and services can no longer ignore Windows Phone, and have to start delivering apps and support.

Windows Phone’s market share in Sri Lanka is not quite up to that point yet, but at 9.1% in Q4 2014 its pretty close.

The country is still a small smartphone market, with little more than 200,000 smartphones sold in Q4 2014, according to the IDC, but this number is rapidly increasing.

Windows Phone in particular has benefitted from Nokia’s strong brand in the region, something which will hopefully transfer to Lumia handsets also.

The IDC notes:

Nokia stands third in smart phone market with close to 9% market share. Higher brand recall owing to their feature phone penetration continues to drive their business in the country. However, the brand might soon find itself competing closely with Indian vendors Micromax and Intex as they gear up to gain higher market share in the country.

Read their full report here.