Windows Phone’s Double Tap To Wake feature is coming to the next iPhone

Apple is set to introduce a total of three new iPhones sometime in September. The company’s latest iPhones includes the iPhone 7S, the iPhone 7S Plus, and the premium iPhone X/Pro. The next iPhone from Apple is believed to include a bezel-less screen design, similar to the design of the Essential smartphone. Apple is also reportedly adding face unlock to the next iPhone, the feature will work similar to Windows Hello that’s found in some of the recent Windows Phone devices.

iPhone 8 display design (pictured above)

According to another latest leak, Cupertino will also be adding a popular Windows Phone feature to the next iPhone. Windows Phone’s Double Tap To Wake feature, first found on Nokia’s Windows Phone devices, will apparently make an appearance on Apple’s next smartphone. Apple obviously isn’t the only company to copy Nokia’s Double Tap To Wake feature — in fact, Android smartphones — including Google’s flagship Pixel devices — have the exact same feature. On the next iPhone, the feature will likely work exactly how’d you expect: double tapping the display of the device would wake it up so that you can get a quick look at all of your notifications or the time.

Apple’s next iPhone will also supposedly include a new “attention detection” system that could be used by iOS to introduce intelligent new experiences. Speculations include a new feature that could automatically silent notifications when you are already looking at your phone’s screen, which actually sounds like a pretty cool idea.