Windows Phones “Comes With Music”


With Nokia’s “Comes with music” service doing so gush darn well, RoverPC wants in on the game. The Russian phone maker will start producing and distributing devices that come with a free year of music service courtesy of Their devices will come with a host of other services that will make the device more attractive to more buyers.

-View friend’s feed. Every post with friends can be viewed in full with pictures, links and the opportunity to leave a comment. Add a new friend in the feed or remove an old one.
-Work on your blog. Create and view their drafts. Edit your previously written posts that are already on the server. In a new post you can insert photos directly from camera communicators, pictures, voting, lj-cut, and indicate where you are right now. This information is accessible to all our friends.
-Send private messages.
-Customize the program by themselves. Specify which data is sent to the server, send a picture of what quality, what precision to use for positioning and much more.

If you happen to live in Russian and would like to read more on this, and can understand and read Russian, read more over at Mobile-reviews

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