Windows Phones and tablets struggling to retain developer interest


The latest quarterly survey by AppAccelerator has found waning interest in Windows Phone and Windows 8 tablets amongst mobile developers.

In their survey of 804 developers and COIs, they found 26% of developers were very interested in Windows Phone, down from 29% in the previous quarter, and 25% of developers were interested in Windows tablets, down from 30%. Additionally 60% of developers thought Windows 8 would ultimately fail as a mobile platform.

“That is probably a reflection of market demand. I think Windows hasn’t done too well in the market, and the interest for developing apps is following that. It will be interesting to see what happens with Nokia,” said Nolan Wright, co-founder and CTO at Appcelerator.

Worryingly for Microsoft enterprise was also more interested in developing for android phones and tablets.


If there is one hopeful sign it is however than 62% of developers supported 3 or more platforms, and with Windows Phone now a very clear 3rd place it would mean more resources will be diverted to it.

Microsoft is also making strong moves to show they are serious about mobile, including the purchase of Nokia’s mobile division.

“From what we hear there is a genuine interest in the enterprise for Microsoft to have viable products. So it certainly still has an opportunity,” Wright said.

The full report can be seen here..

I believe, with a sufficient push and enough polish, and better execution so far, Microsoft can do enough to to grow the mobile windows ecosystem.  The main effort however should be on moving much more rapidly than their yearly cycle in updating Windows Phone and Windows 8.

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