Windows Phones 7 Thoughts:Timi

image Today has been a long exciting day for me, and hopefully for some of you readers. Well lets keep the though train going for 5 more days, here is a very short one.


Hi there,
For me the WP7 could either make it or die trying. A lot of people are criticizing it for a lot of things not working yet. However, I think Microsoft wants to know what’s important to the public and them bring out a phone that meets their needs.
Here are mine:
·         I love the strict hardware specs but give a little more range like no less that 3.5” and no more than 4.1 inch AMOLED capacitive screen. By doing this you stick to the wvga resolution.
·         Always think higher when it comes to networking. Make sure your phone can meet the needs of newer technology
·         Do not completely lock customization, but put a limit where even though manufactures can put a theme you don’t loose your image.
·         The rest is up to marketing and availability to the masses for them to succeed.
I’m out

Please respect other views, and if you disagree say it kindle or better yet, until the 15th I am still taking thoughts by readers on WP7 or anything Windows Phones.

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