Windows Phone WowWee RobotMe app in the works


23, 2014

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WowWee RobotMe is a platform for a smartphone-controlled robot, where the smartphone communicated with the robot body via the headphone jack.image The platform costs less than $80 on

Robotics expert and Windows Phone user Robert Oschler is developing a Windows Phone app for the platform, demonstrated in the app above.

“The Nanabot offers a new level of interactive fun unlike anything you have ever seen before in consumer robots,” said Robert. “Using advanced speech recognition and conversation techniques, Nanabot can play games with you, explore your house, guard your room, recognize book covers, and even deliver messages to other family members as they enter the room.”

Robert is raising some money via Indiegogo to develop the app. The goal of the funding project is to raise enough money so that Robert can take the time needed to fine tune the conversational tools and artificial intelligence needed to make the app go the extra mile for users.

Additionally, Robert is planning to “open source a toolkit that makes programming the robot very easy for Windows Phone developers.”

“The Nanabot will improve and upgrade over time,” said Robert.

“It will be noticeably smarter and more interactive than anything I’ve seen in the market before,” he added. “When the Nanabot is ready, we are going to give Windows Phone users something that iOS and Android users can’t get – unless they switch to Windows Phone!”

Robert is trying to raise only $5000.  If you wish to support his work contribute on Indiegogo here.

Via Nokia Conversations

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