Windows Phone World Podcast 5 – Day 5 final wrap-up

This is the fifth installment of our daily Mobile World Congress podcast,  and a final round-up of the news released during Mobile World Congress 2009. In this podcast we cover Windows Mobile news, including the:

  • In  episode 154 of Crankey Geeks Podcast with Dvorak HTC is mentioned,  but only the android phone. Why nothing about Diamond2 and Pro2?
  •  Which WM device won MWC?
  • 50 million lifetime Windows Mobile sales
  • Was US aware of MWC?
  • Windows Mobile 6.5 reception – good enough or not?
  • Which OS won MWC?
  • Exactly how many WM devices were announced
  • XDA set a new record for leked ROM and HTC aps?
  • HTC conference, good bad? boring? interesting?
  • do you expect something interesting at CeBIT?

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