Windows Phone World Podcast 16


lokenostar The 16th edition of our weekly Windows Mobile podcast,and this time we have a very special guest.

Besides our usual co-hosts David from and Stasys from the very popular we also managed to get Loke Uei, Senior Technical Product Manager for Windows Mobile to give us the low-down on exactly whats going on in the MarketPlace.

Topics covered include:

    • App store restrictions ridiculous, stupid
    • HTC Snap coming to Telus, T-Mobile
    • How does he see WM position in the market
    • What were WM Team’s greatest succes
    • What is their missions statement for the future
    • Is it possible to upgrade apps bought outside Marketplace inside Marketplace?
    • Why 10mb only? and advertising rules
    • 3 button rule, why not more minimum specifications? screen, port, resolution, jack etc
    • new free environment for WM development – with rules about the look and feel.
    • Stronger rules for developers. always do a shortcut, always make an icon, always clean the registry etc
    • WM as a a second screen (real second screen) for Windows and Xbox
    • The integration between WM and desktop OS seemed to be lacking in XP and Vista. Windows 7 seem to have it inside. On a similar note, some authorities, especially in the EU, are very picky with MS on Antitrust issues. Is your mobile-cloud-PC/TV strategy affected by that?
    • Right now you have MyPhone, Windows Live services for mobile, Windows Marketplace, Zune Store – tons of stuff, all over. Where’s an integration of these services and a single login?
    • The next hot thing in mobile seem to be the maps but there’s nothing from MS on Windows Mobile.
      Spec support – why low resolution
    • Why no Marketplace for WM6.1