Windows Phone users waking up to a pleasant extra 20 GB of SkyDrive Storage




It seems overnight Microsoft has been doing a Santa Claus bit and dropping presents in the inbox of Windows phone users, in the form of a free extra 20 GB of storage.


While the “Enthusiast bonus” more than trebles the 7 GB recent Windows phone users receive when signing up, and close to doubles the 25 GB grandfathered SkyDrive users have the gift is a bit of a Trojan horse – the 20 GB extra will expire in a year, meaning you will then be asked to pay for your extra storage or need to empty out your cloud closet in 12 months time.

Microsoft at present does not sell a 20 GB bundle, but their 50 GB bundle is around $25 per year.

Have any of our readers NOT received the offer? Let us know below.

Thanks Ethan and Akul for the tip.

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