Windows Phone users pose challenge to Google’s business model as they stick to Bing



Author Surur // in News

Kantar ComTech has posted an interesting teaser on twitter. According to their data, in USA on mobile your platform was the main predictor of your search engine, with Android users mainly using Google, while Windows Phone users in general stuck with Bing.

This is of course far from true on the desktop, where Windows users overwhelmingly used Google over Bing.

This means, in theory, for every 10% market share gain by Windows phone, Google’s search engine would lose 6% market share, and with mobile making up 25-30% of search traffic it is certainly not something to be ignored.

Of course for Google to get really concerned Windows Phone would need to gain significantly more than the 2% market share in USA, but one can imagine in places like Italy where Windows phone is close to 10% of all smartphone users this may become an issue.

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