Windows Phone Terms of Use updated

wp_ss_20131101_0002 wp_ss_20131101_0003

Many of our readers would today have been confronted by a dialog box asking them to accept updated terms of use for the Windows Phone Store while installing applications or updates.

I am sure most people simply clicked through, and for those people we have a quick look at the difference between the agreement and the one that preceded it.

Not much has changed between the October 2013 and October 2012 agreement, but there are some obvious differences.

Firstly, the removed any reference to Zune, added references to the Xbox One, interestingly added a section on service cancellation and indemnified themselves against service disruption, and undertook to attempt to inform users either via email or “other reasonable means” of changes in the terms of service.

The section on Microsoft Points was also zapped, while a new section on gift cards were added.

The agreement does not include any new gross violation of our rights, but as can be expected in general holds Microsoft responsible for nothing if anything should go wrong.

Read the text on a larger screen here.

Thanks S.M.A.Sithick for the tip.