Windows Phone strangely popular in Iceland


Pingdom have done a bit of research we always wanted to do.  We all know Windows Phone has its highest share in Finland, but we always wondered which countries were next in the list.

The next country in the list I would never have predicted – apparently Windows Phone is pretty popular in Iceland, with its population of 320,000 people.

Next is Martinique, a small island prefecture of France with a population of 400,000 off the coast of South America.

This is followed by the Faroe Islands, a small country with 50,000 people nestled in the ocean between Norway and Iceland.

The rest of the countries on the list are probably better known, and will of course have considerable larger populations.

While the overall score if 0.53% worldwide Statcounter share may appear small, the increasingly significant presence in major countries like Italy, Germany and Spain remains encouraging.