Windows Phone shows good momentum, now 2% of worldwide mobile web usage


Its been a while since we visited Statcounter, but its a quite news day, and the first of the year, and a good time to look reflect on the progress of Windows Phone.

As can be seen from the monthly graph, Windows Phone has grown steadily in its penetration of the market, and more than doubled its installed base over the year, going from 0.91% of mobile web usage worldwide to 2.08%.

In terms of momentum, we can see from the blue bars that Windows Phone has also increased the rate at which it gained market share each quarter for the last 3 quarters, adding 0.21% in Q2, 0.30% in Q3 and finally 0.38% in Q4.

Important to note is that these numbers are relative to the whole market, and indicated Windows Phone is not just growing faster than the market, (hence the improvement in its market share) but also that this growth is accelerating, which is of course great news.

iOS was not that lucky, and despite great sales grew slower than the market and went from 23.26% of web usage a year back to 21.82% at the end of 2013.  Android on the other hand continued to grow like weeds, going from 33.19% of usage to 42.99%.

Statcounter also lets us look at regional data, and from that one can see Windows Phone’s best markets is Europe, where it went from 2.5 to 3.7% usage share over the year, and South America, where it went from 1.75 to 4.9%. Even in North America there was respectable growth, from 1.19 to 1.93%, but the US is clearly not a great market for the OS. In Asia unfortunately Windows Phone does not even chart, showing it has got a rather long way to go.

Overall however the worldwide data is encouraging, as it the rate of acceleration, and unless something happens to derail it we can expect even greater Windows Phone penetration over the next 12 months.