Windows Phone share shows sharp upward spike on NetMarketShare also


We have seen a lot of evidence of the positive effect the Nokia alliance has had on Windows Phone 7 market share, and today NetMarketShare has added another data point, showing a sharply upward trend over the last 2 months, corresponding to Nokia’s Windows Phones getting to market.

MonthWindows Phone
April, 20110.20%
May, 20110.20%
June, 20110.21%
July, 20110.23%
August, 20110.22%
September, 20110.25%
October, 20110.23%
November, 20110.29%
December, 20110.27%
January, 20120.29%
February, 20120.41%

Report generated Thursday, March 01, 2012 10:12:21 AM

As can be seen from the table below, Windows Phone share was pretty static until November 2011, and seems to have really taken off over the last 2 months, suggesting that around 3 million Windows Phones may have been sold in the last 2 months.

With Windows Phone expanding to even more markets soon it is pretty certain the OS will continue to make gains over the next 6 months.

Have our readers seen a corresponding increase in Windows Phones in the wild? Let us know below.