Windows Phone Russia: Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade up to OEMs


When Microsoft announced the Windows Phone 7.8 update to placate Windows Phone 7.5 users who were not receiving an update to Windows Phone 8 they suggested the update will be coming to all Windows Phones and that this would be managed centrally by Microsoft.

It seems the story has changed, with Windows Phone Russia on their official twitter client saying:

Microsoft will release an update for everyone, but the final decision to issue an update to a specific model is up to the manufacturer

We already had some inkling of this, with no-one really expecting Dell and LG Windows Phones to see Windows Phone 7.8.

Now however it seems some still active Windows Phone OEMs are thinking of not upgrading some handsets, with HTC still deciding about the very popular HTC Mozart, and even the HTC Titan being rumoured not to see the new software.


Of course the longer the delay to the Windows Phone 7.8 update is the less we care, which may be something Microsoft is thinking about.  First generation users might as well upgrade to Windows Phone 8 instead of a facsimile which is 7.8, and second generation users will probably see the update after all, with Nokia for example promising to update all their handsets. I cant help feel however that there has been something dishonest about the whole process.