Windows Phone primarily taking market share from iPhone in USA?

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Windows Phone3.24.10.9

Like last month, Kantar released a special report just for the US market, and it makes for interesting reading.

While we have seen a number of headlines saying Windows Phone was growing at the expense of Symbian and Blackberry, with the BGR even askingHow Microsoft plans to grow that to double digits now that it cannot rip any more share from BlackBerry is one of the biggest questions in the handset business.” the numbers from Kantar does not really bear out this assessment.

Looking at the table above, which represents the US market, we can see Windows Phone gained 0.9% market share between January and February 2013.

At the same time RIM and Symbian lost 0.2% market share, leaving 0.7% left unaccounted for.

The other company which lost market share was iOS, which lost 2.4%, mostly to Android, which grew 1.8%, but of course also to Windows Phone, which slurped up the missing 0.6%.

If iOS is under threat by Android in USA, Windows Phone seems to represent about 25% of that threat also.

The numbers are born out by Verizon’s stats, which show a similar picture.

Windows Phone2.54.11.6

iOS once again lost 4.9% share, with Android taking 4%, leaving the only other growing OS, Windows Phone, to take the other 0.9% slack, or about 20%.

Once again RIM and Other only contributed 0.6% of the 1.6% Month on Month gains of Windows Phone, meaning  that Windows Phone was primarily taking share from iOS, something which can obviously continue long after Blackberry is dust.

Windows Phone4.34.70.4

AT&T’s numbers are less clear cut, with Windows Phone’s gains neatly balancing out RIM and Other’s losses, but that would presuppose buyers were choosing directly between the operating systems, when it is much more likely some of RIM’s customers were going to Android and some of iPhone’s potential customers were going to iOS.

If Windows Phone can position itself as a premium alternative to iOS at a low price I think there is significant potential for gaining share at the expense of iOS and of course eventually Android also.  It is however clear that Windows Phone’s gains will not rely on slurping up Blackberry’s fading share.

Thanks Arun for the tip.

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