Windows Phone overtakes Meego in Finland


Amongst Meego fans and Stephen Elop haters in Finland there is still the delusional idea Nokia should have persisted with Meego rather than go with Windows Phone 7.

The rapid adoption by the Finnish public of the Windows Phone 7 Nokia Lumia 800 would therefore come as a shock to them.  Since the launch of the handset its percentage of the browser market share has rapidly sped past the Meego-powered Nokia N9, released in September 2011, a full 4 months before the Lumia 800.

At 2.45% of browser share, Finland likely has the highest concentration of Windows Phones.  With Nokia loyalty still very high there,  we may still see the OS reach 5-10% market share in the next few months.

Now if only the graph of the rest of the world looked like this…